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With the ICA undergoing online changes and requesting for upfront submission payments, foreigners would be more discouraged from applying for Permanent Residency. Use this chance to secure your Permanent Residence in Singapore today! 

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One of the highest TRUE success rates in Singapore of 83%
(Since 2011 based on actual approval numbers)



The ONLY fully-fledged immigration firm that offers Start-to-Finish immigration services. Accredited by both the Ministry of Manpower and ACRA



Voted Best Immigration Firm in Singapore since 2013 by APAC Insider

Why Expats Choose Singapore as their Home


  Singapore is a top-class metropolitan city to work, live and play in. The globally connected, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan city-state offers a conducive environment for creative and knowledge-driven industries. With many tax incentives and grants available for new business owners, Singapore is one of the best and one of the easiest places to start a business. Singapore has also one of the best index for Quality of Life, with both top universities and medical facilities situated around the island. 

However, since 2011, the Singaporean Government’s aim is to decrease its reliance on foreign manpower. This has resulted in a reduced influx of foreigners in Singapore. Over the next few years since 2011, the number of PR approvals has decreased significantly. The selection criteria has also been kept a state secret. 

  The current trend with the new online system in 2018, however, has seen a slight increase in PR approval. Sadly, this trend is indefinite, and successful PR applications are expected to reduce when considering the new budget and cabinet reshuffle happening in May 2018.

It's no longer a secret


  Studies and research over the past 12 years with more than 500 clients has allowed us to understand the “secret” criteria, and has enabled us to formulate our own award-winning approval system which is used to collaborate with our clients, thus ensuring their success.

When you ask "Why Us?" - We ask "Why You?"


We are the first immigration firm in Singapore to come up with the 3-C approach. By publishing our rates openly and taking on clients ONLY if we feel we can help them achieve success, our clients know that they are receiving their value for money!

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Naveen Gupta - Singapore PR Applicant

"The Team has been helping me and my family since 2012 and my family finally received our PR in just a few months after. It was a long process but they kept their business relationship with me throughout the process. I highly recommend them to any family wishing to move to Singapore." 

Alan Song - Director, All Property Solutions Pte Ltd

 “The Managers are knowledgeable and understand the ins and outs of what the government is looking for. My clients have been satisfied with their performance for the past few years and I have been referring to them ever since.”

Hiroyuki Hirano - Director, Creative Solutions

"I have tried various consultancy firms, and Raffles Immigration has been the only one that has real interest and went over and beyond in helping me to obtain my Permanent Residency. I trust them as they are not after just charging me cheap and taking my money. They really strive to help you out like you are their own family." 

Dushyant Rana - Director, Mediagate SG

"Raffles Immigration have been my go-to immigration solutions provider since moving to Singapore with my family in 2017. We've have fostered a strong and trustworthy relationship without which, I would not have a solid foundation to pursue my business goals on the island." 

Justin Bratton - TV Producer & Host

"Raffles Immigration provides customised solutions that simplify my corporate and immigration matters. They are fast, effective and I recommend their services to all my friends."

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