Special Investor Program

The Alternative

The Special Investor Program is an initiative by Cayman that allows Foreign Investors interested in applying PR but are unable to meet the requirements of GIP or PTS.

The SIP’s investment amount is much lower than the GIP Program but has a longer waiting period of 2 years. Which much lower risk for investment and In the 2 years, inventors will receive an Employment Pass (if they do not have one) which allows them to travel in and out of Singapore and enjoy the low tax rates Singapore has to offer. Although not a recognised government program, investors have a high success rate of obtaining PR after 2 years depending on their nationality.

Cayman is one of the only few firm in Singapore offering this exclusive program to its clientele, making it the only available option for the Ultra High Net-worth Individuals.

Investment: $50,000 to $250,000

Service Fee: $8,000 - $18,000

Government Fee: $500

Miscellaneous Fees: Variable

Duration: Approx. 2 - 3years 

All amounts are in SGD


1) School Search for Children

2) Financial Planning for Family in Singapore

3) Property Search

4) Concierge service in Singapore

5) Company Set Up

6) Fund Management Manager Search

7) Medical Search

8) Investment Matching for Company to invest in inclusive of background checks

If you have further questions on the Speical Investor Program, please kindly email cayman@cayman.com.sg

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This Program is especially popular amongst expats that need that extra push to get their PR approve, especially after they have tried so many times under the normal Professional and Technical Scheme ("PTS"). Find out more today to secure your Singapore PR with us with this one of its kind program!

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